Sunday, July 31, 2011

A letter to Fashion Pulis, Titled When the Cat's Away. . . . .

This actor is very good at hiding secrets from his girlfriend. Just last month, his network made public an issue that he has been keeping from his girlfriend. Ever since this expose, he has been seriously thinking of transferring to another network because he felt betrayed.

Well, it seems like this actor is hiding other secrets from his girlfriend. She is clueless that apart from her, her boyfriend is said to be seeing other women on the side. Whenever she goes out of town, the actor would invite different women to his place to spend quality time with him. Obviously, when the cat’s away, the mouse will play.

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A letter to Fashion Pulis from Joseph Bolos

Dear Fashion PULIS,

I am an avid and loyal follower of your blog! I know that many of your readers are credit card holders and they will be able to relate with this story.

Recently, I have been receiving SMS messages from anonymous numbers offering personal loans, cash loans and the likes from different banks. The messages have been very frequent so one time, I replied to this particular message:

From mobile number:             +639266110833 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +639266110833      end_of_the_skype_highlighting      
Attention! Need CASH? Personal Load up to P2m for as LOW as1.3%/mo. For FAST & EAST Approval, ACT NOW. Message me. Adrian.

I was so fed up from receiving these kinds of messages so I send this message "Will you just stop texting me with those offers?" After sending this message, Adrian replied and said "I'm sorry Joseph Bolos. Rest assured you are monitored." After a few minutes, he also texted me my exact home address.

I was very shocked as to why he knows my complete name and my exact home address. Then I realized that he must have gotten these pieces of information from my credit card company. So I called my credit card company and told the customer service guy that there is a loan agent from another credit card company that is harassing me. He told me that the agent might have secured my personal information from the database of the other credit card company.

I understand that there is a database for the reference of the different credit card companies but why do these companies share these pieces of information with the loan agents without our permission? It truly bothers me that these people are sharing my personal information for their marketing purposes without my consent! Fellow Fashion PULIS readers, is there anything we can do about this?

Yours truly,

Winter 2011 Fashion Trends: Primark Preview

It’s no good: we’ve been trying to delay the inevitable for as long as we could, but even The Fashion Police are powerless to prevent the march of time, and even although we’ve only just dusted off our bathing suits, and Shoeperwoman hasn’t worn even half of her collection of summer sandals, we’re forced to admit that winter fashion is upon us.
The stores and websites we frequent as part of our daily Fashion Policing duties are starting to fill up with winter woolies. Our favourite fashion bloggers are talking about coats and boots. It’s time to talk about winter fashion trends for 2011, and what the future holds, and what better way to do it than with a preview of that pinnacle of fast fashion, the Polyester Palace of Primark.
Here at The Fashion Police, we always look forward to seeing what Primark has to offer us each season, because it offers a pretty good insight into what people will actually wear in the coming season. Sure, Net-a-Porter will offer up the inevitable “Must Haves” of the season, but how many people do YOU know who buy an entire new designer wardrobe each season? We thought so.